Steve Canal

Steve Canal

CEO of Flourysh


Steve Canal is a trusted partner to firms around the country who value his peerless approach to brand strategy, business development, story-telling, and targeted amplification. As co-founder of Flourysh, ONE Venture Group, Saint Miles and The Baptist Collection, Steve has built a reputation for his unparalleled ability to fuse cultural and artistic elements to create one-of-a-kind experiences that surpass all expectations.

By also responsibly leveraging the latest marketing theories and nurturing innovative cultures that share his passion and energy, Steve has built one of the fastest-rising innovation engines in the game. His debut book, The Mind of a Winner, rocketed to the top of Amazon’s best-seller list in motivational and personal transformation categories upon its release.

The book is an intimate e deep dive into the strategies Steve has used and built upon in his own journey as a brand architect, and architect and includes practical wisdom and experiences from the minds of dozens of industry leaders in the entertainment, sports, and real estate spaces.


About Company

Through FLOURYSH, we have created a platform that helps consumers discover and support Black-owned brands. These brands have access to a private community of other Black-owned brands, as well as, eCommerce experts, and industry professionals that can help them scale their businesses.

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